What is Robots.Txt File

Robots.txt file is that file  through which the webmaster instructs the search engine crawler which page of the website to crawl and which page not to crawl.

Some Advantages of robots.txt file:

 You get many benefits of making it such as:

– Important pages of the website are quickly indexed

– Can prevent crawling of any private page

– Can block any low value page in the website

-You can use the crawl budget correctly 

Why we use robots.txt file?

If you do not want to make any page or folder of your website public, such as some folders which contain sensitive information of the website or if you do not want to index the categories and tags of your website, then you can robots.txt in your website. You can use Trust, after that whenever any search engine robots or bots start indexing the blog posts of your website, then this robots.txt file guides the search engine bots. And told which files and folders or web content to be indexed means to make public and which not to do.

Is Robots.txt  file is important?

Robots.txt  Using trust file in website is not mandatory, but by using this simple file, you make your website seo friendly and at the same time it is necessary for the security of your website.

Basic syntax Of robots.txt file:

There is a way to write it, in technical language, it is called syntax, the syntax of a simple file is something like this.

1.User Agent- Here you write the name of the bots for which you are writing these rules, if you use here then it means the rules will be applicable for all search engine bots

2.Allow- Here you write the path of the page, folder or web content that you want to hide, meaning the ones you do not want to index.

3.Disllow – Here the path of the page, folder or web content that you want to be public, which you want to be indexed

Robots TagsRobots .txt file
1.With the robots tag, you can stop the indexing of a webpage or control that the web page will appear in the search engine result page as follows.1.Robots.txt file By using the trust file, you tell the search engine that any page of the website is to be indexed and which one is not.
2.The robots tag is only applied at the page level.2.It can be applied at page level as well as on the entire website.
3.It is added in the header section of the webpage.3.It is added to the root directory of the website.
4.If any of your webpage is no indexed by robots tag then search will not index this webpage.4.Even if the indexing of any of your webpage is blocked by robots, tsat file, then search engine can still index that page if the link of that page is on any other website or webpage.

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